Mary S. Oakley & Lee Lindsay Artist Showcase

2018 Awarded Artwork

Mary S. Oakley & Lee Lindsay Artist Showcase

November 16, 20 18 - January 11, 2019

2018 Award Winners

Best of Show - $1,200 to Jennifer Bock-Nelson of Quincy, IL for Between, watercolor, gouache, gel pen

Second Place - $600 to Howard Kuo of Hannibal, MO for Streaming Down Onto the Happiness, watercolor

Third Place - $300 to Debra Scoggin-Myers of Ewing, MO for The Breakfast Club, pastel

Merit Award - $100 to Lydia O'Neal of Quincy, IL for Seven Nails in Six Years, mixed media

Merit Award - $100 to Kelly Eddington of Monroe City, MO for Winter Portal, watercolor

Merit Award-$100 to Joe Conover of Quincy, IL for Meditation in White, encaustic

Merit Award - $100 to Coni Triplett of Quincy, IL for Black Magic, acrylic, metalic

Honorable Mention -$50 Amanda Strudwick of Quincy, IL for Quiet Courage, oil

Honorable Mention - $50 to Linda Buechting of Quincy, IL for Lucy Ann, watercolor

Honorable Mention - $50 to Bruce Morton of Bowen, IL for Garage Night Gang: Brother Ray, photography

Honorable Mention - $50 to Jeffrey Bruce of Quincy, IL for Had They Really Embraced Post-Materialism?, mixed media

Juror's Statement

It was an honor to be invited to jury this year’s Mary S. Oakley and Lee Lindsay Artist Showcase. I was impressed by the quality of work submitted and enjoyed spending focused time with each piece through the jury process. With approximately 200 works to choose from, inevitably tough decisions had to be made. I want to thank all of the artists who submitted their work for consideration. Regardless of whether your work was included, I encourage you to continue making and submitting art to opportunities like this one.

For this Showcase, I included works for their technical merit, uniqueness, and/or interesting subject matter in any medium. Of course, any jury process involves the juror’s subjectivity, but I think that the work selected represents a nice cross section of mediums and approaches. I used the same basic criteria when granting awards. Some pieces stood out for their contemporary or innovative subject matter or approach. I chose others for being technically rigorous and lush. Still other works captivated my attention with a potent mood.

Looking at the exhibition as a whole, I noticed a preponderance of romantic approaches to landscape as well as an appreciation of beauty and the little things in life. I hope you enjoy perusing the works and considering the relationships that form among them.

Laura Bigger, MFA
Assistant Professor of Art, Printmaking, Tenure-Track, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

2017 Award Winners

Best of Show - $1,200 to Lydia O’Neal of Quincy, IL for Un-oddmented, mixed media

Second Place - $600 to Addie Seabarkrob of Quincy, IL for Autumn Aire, acrylic

Third Place - $300 to Steve Ryan of Quincy, IL for Lidded Jar, stoneware

Merit Award - $100 to Virginia Breshears of Warsaw, IL for Bayou Sunrise, oil

Merit Award - $100 to Tim Laffey of Carthage, IL for Broadway Boogie Woogie, acrylic on canvas

Merit Award-$100 to Elizabeth Rankin of Quincy, IL for Bird Skull, engraved glass

Merit Award - $100 to Debra Scoggin-Myers of Ewing, MO for Reflections of a Dog Owner, Pastel

Honorable Mention -$50 Carol Burns of Palmyra, MO for Revelation, handmade paper & fabric dye

Honorable Mention - $50 to Brandon Khoury of Quincy, IL for Divine Light, photography

Honorable Mention - $50 to Jennifer Klingele of Augusta, IL for Dancer, oil

Honorable Mention - $50 to Cindy Logan of Louisiana, MO for Prayer Paths, bleach & color pencil

Juror's Statement

It was an honor to be asked to Jury the Mary S. Oakley and Lee Lindsay Artist Showcase. I owe my gratitude to Jennifer Teter and the entire staff of the Quincy Art Center for their hospitality and making the task an easy one. As a Director, Exhibitions Manager, and artist myself, I know how difficult it is to put together an exhibition, and the equally difficult work of creating a piece of artwork and offering it to the jury process.

There were over 200 works to choose from in curating this show. It was a joy to see the immense talent your region possesses as well as the scope of media usage. Lacking a “theme” to jury from, I attempted to select for the viewer a representative collection of oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, collage, and other mixed media. In the pieces selected, I tried to find repeating themes, palettes, and tones in order to create a little unity from the many differences. Especially evident in the award winners, there are exemplary pieces even within this selection. Not only elegant as creative works, they are well crafted and evidence of a patient and passionate artist.

I hope the visitors of the Quincy Art Center are pleased with the selection presented and are exposed to a new artist, technique, or idea. My deepest thanks to all the artists who submitted, whether selected for this show or not. It was my pleasure to see so much skill and passion in your work.

Melissa Whitwam, MFA

Executive Director at the Foundry Art Centre

2016 Award Winners

Best of Show-$1,200 to Jennifer Bock-Nelson of Quincy, IL for Return, oil

Second Place-$400 to Steve Ryan of Quincy, IL for Brothers Keeper, stoneware

Third Place-$300 to Ann Miller Titus of Quincy, IL for Her Seams Were Always Straight, fiber

Merit Award-$100 to Jeffery Bruce of Quincy, IL for It Happened Slowly, mixed media

Merit Award-$100 to Kevin Warning of Quincy, IL for Aurora Borealis Caves, acrylic

Merit Award-$100 to Bruce Morton of Bowen, IL for Forgottonia- The Audience #495, photography        

Merit Award-$100 to John Nelson of Quincy, IL for Sleep, acrylic

Honorable Mention -$50 Carol Burns of Palmyra, MO for Hidden Habitat, handmade paper

Honorable Mention -$50 to Jessica Martin of Canton, MO for You Ruin Me, photography

Honorable Mention -$50 to K. Nadine Mitchell of Quincy, IL for Summer Table, oil

Honorable Mention -$50 to Joe Conover of Quincy, IL for Feeling Square, encaustic

2015 Best of Show

Kelly Eddington

Monroe City, MO

Back Stoop, watercolor