Biennial Quad-State Exhibit


Marcia Babler, Gary Beaumont, Brenda Beck Fisher, Ethan Beckler, Denise Bellezzo, Jennifer Bock-Nelson, David Bower, Joan Bredendick, Sara Slee Brown, Jeffrey Bruce, Linda Buechting, Braden Carroll, Kelly Eddington, Anna Goehl, Jamie Green, Stacey Gross, Niall Hartnett, Tyler Hennings, Jesse Howard, Rebecca Howe, Mary Jo Kattelman, Brandon Khoury, Ku-mie Kim, River Kim, Ruth Kolker, Howard Kuo, Ron McIlvain, Nevin McNally, Robert Mejer, Taylor Mezo, Bruce Morton, Scott Mossman, Fred Nelson, John Nelson, Tim O'Neal, Jim Pearson, Sally Poole, Kenneth Probst, Lisa Raabe, Tamzin Ritchie, Janice Rockwell, Cherie Sampson, Zelene Schlosberg, Tim Schroll, Robert Schwieger, Larry Siwek, Dan Spahn, John Steinkamp, Amanda Strudwick, Robert Sunderman, Kay Sutherland, Catherine Vernetti, Ron Vivod, Peggy West, Stephen Wilson, Peggy Wyman, James Zimmerman

2019 Biennial Quad-State Exhibit Award Winners

Best of Show & 3D Recognition Award: Scott Mossman from Chicago, IL with Corbel with Red Blue and White, acrylic and wood

Second Place & Local Artist Recognition Award: Bruce Morton from Bowen, IL with Men: Brian, photography

Third Place: Peggy Wyman from Macomb, IL with Beside Still Waters, fiber and pine needles

Merit Award: Cherie Sampson from Canton, MO with Every. Single. One., video

Merit Award: Ku-mie Kim from Burr Ridge, IL with Ohio Buckeye, watercolor

Honorable Mention: Lisa Raabe from Peoria Heights, IL with Untitled, various tape, studio detritus, found fabric

Honorable Mention: Bruce Morton with Prairie 016, photography

Honorable Mention: Robert Schwieger from Plainfield, IL with Piglet's Defense, screen print monotype on glass

Honorable Mention: Naill Hartnett from Macomb, IL with KinFolk Blue, photography

Best of Show-$1,500 to Gary Beaumont of Champaign, IL for Pulsar Planet, hanging earthenware platter

Second Place- $750 to Peggy Wyman of Macomb, IL for Enigma, fiber & pine needle sculpture

Third Place-$500 to Ann Miller Titus of Quincy, IL for Untended, fiber

Merit Award-$350 to Brian Roberts of Pella, IA for Nucleus, steel

Merit Award-$350 to Howard Kuo of Hannibal, MO for Don't Slam My Door, watercolor

Honorable Mention-$200 to Sara Slee Brown of Iowa City, IA for Eamon Alan Diner, mixed media

Honorable Mention-$200 Leslie Hirshfield of Evanston, IL for The Magician, mixed media

Honorable Mention-$200 to Elizabeth Rankin of Quincy, IL for Puzzled, ceramic, painted found objects

Honorable Mention-$200 to Lee Stanton of Rolling Meadows, IL for I'm Not The Girl I Used To Be, Acrylic

Local Recognition - $200 to Cherie Sampson of Canton, MO for Enticing the Tide, video (performance for the camera)

3-D Recognition - $200 Leah deMatta of St Louis, MO for Dynamic Equilibrium, steel