Beaux Arts Ball

89th Annual Beaux Arts Ball

Sunday, December 22, 2019 | 6 - 10 p.m.

Interested in Participating in Beaux Arts 2019

Open to young women who are freshman, sophomore, junior,
and senior high school students living in a 50 mile radius of Quincy, IL.

Beaux Arts is a fundraiser for the Quincy Art Center and goes to support exhibitions and educational programs for Quincy and the surrounding area.
The first ball took place in 1930 and was a way for
young women to be presented to the community and support the arts.
An annual ball takes place in December and marks the end of the
year long fundraising and volunteer efforts by the Queen candidates, senior young women. This
formal event includes is a Quincy tradition and a good times are had by all!

Participants work on skills to help make a difference
in your community by being a volunteer! Volunteer opportunities at the Art
Center include: assisting with children’s classes, after school programs,
outreach projects, Q-Fest, ArtFest!, exhibitions, and around the office.
Volunteering helps to develop professional relationships, new skills, and
build your resume. Meet other area high schoolers who are making an impact in their
community through entrepreneurial and volunteer leadership!

View more information and fill out a participation slip here.

The 88th Annual Beaux Arts Ball

2018 Beaux Arts Ball

Skylar Rose Heinze, the daughter of Brian & Beth Heinze, won the crown after a year of work to support the Quincy Art Center.

Special Maids First special maid was Hailey Elizabeth Young, daughter of Bryan & Sarah Young. Second special maid was Sofia Blanca Fernandez, daughter of Carlos Fernandez & Sarah Michaels-Fernandez. Third special maid was Emma Catherine Staff, daughter of John & Catherine Staff, and fourth special maid was Anna Catherine Gabel, daughter of Keith & Sue Gabel. Congratulations!

Anika Eileen Jackson, daughter of Adam & Mindy Jackson, won the Beaux Arts Ball Young Woman of Achievement Award. The award, a symbol of the importance of community service, is given to honor the founding women of the Quincy Art Center and is given annually to the participant who has compiled the most hours of volunteer work at the Art Center.

Thank you to all the 2018 Queen candidates: Alpha Cepeda, Sofia Fernandez, Payden Frese, Anna Gabel, Abby Haugh, Maacah Heberlein, Skylar Heinze, Anika Jackson, Hattie Kurk, Samantha Lynch, Honor Morgan, Emma Staff, Abigail Stratman, Chloe Wedding, and Haley Young.

2018 Major Sponsors: Noxin Trucking, Refreshment Services Pepsi, Merril Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc., Sturhahn Jewelers, Quincy Recycle, the Lindsay Family, Gardner Denver, Kohl Wholesale, Quincy Medical Group, and KSG Roofing.

2017 Beaux Arts Ball

Brenna Phillips daughter of Scott & Cindy Phillips, celebrates with her father after the coronation.

2016 Beaux Arts Ball

Erica Elyse Ernst daughter of John and Debbie Ernst, celebrates with her father after the coronation.

2015 Beaux Arts Ball

Congratulations to Audrey Roman, daughter of Robert and Sarah Roman, for being named the 2015 Beaux Arts Ball Queen!

2014 Beaux Arts Ball

Emily McCleery and father William  McCleery celebrate after the coronation.

2013 Beaux Arts Ball

Anna Mcnay and her father Richard continue the tradition in the 83rd annual Beaux Arts Ball!

2012 Beaux Arts Ball

Alyson Tappe, 2012 Queen and daughter of  Ted & Raina Tappe, celebrates with her father after the coronation.
What is the Beaux Arts Ball?

The Beaux Arts Ball is a Quincy tradition that helps fund the Quincy Art Center’s exhibitions and educational programs.

Who Participates in the ball?

Any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior girl can participate in the Beaux Arts. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Art Center. If you have been invited, consider it an honor as we try to involve young men and women that are already active and making a difference in our community. By taking part, you are continuing a Quincy tradition!

When is the Beaux Arts Ball?

2019's Beaux Arts Ball is Sunday, December 22, from 6 - 10 pm and will be held at the Oakley Lindsay Center. Coronation starts at 7 pm and immediately after, the dance floor opens and celebrations begin.

What is the history of the Beaux Arts Ball?
On January 23, 1923, a group of Quincy women created the Quincy Art Club. Their goal was "to foster the aesthetic needs of Quincy and develop among her citizens an appreciation of Art in its broad and universal sense as applied to life." Today, the Quincy Art Center's mission is to provide opportunities for growth and appreciation of the visual fine arts through exhibitions and programs in our community. The Art Center is supported in part by membership fees, contributions, grants, and proceeds from fundraising events, the most notable of which is the annual Beaux Arts Ball.
The Beaux Arts Ball is an 88 year old tradition that first took place in 1930. It was sponsored by the Quincy Art Club and held at the Hotel Lincoln-Douglas. In 1938, Katherine Gardner, for whom the Stevenson Gallery is named, was crowned the First Beaux Arts Ball Queen for receiving the most ticket pledges.
1940 was the first year that the Queen candidates took part in selling tickets. During WWII, the ball was held but no Queen was crowned until 1950. 
The signature white dresses of the Queen Candidates are reminiscent of a debutant ball and have been a tradition since 1970. The signature red poinsettias have always been around since the very beginning and are symbolic of the holiday spirit surrounding the Ball.   Since 1930, the Ball has evolved and changed into what it is today. The people and places have changed numerous times, but the main focus of the Beaux Arts Ball has always been to support the Quincy Art Center! 
What do I do at the Beaux Arts Ball?
Seniors: Seniors are Queen candidates that sell tickets - at least 40 - , sell tables for the ball, and raise funds from Art Center members, friends, and family throughout the year. The Queen Candidate who collects the most donations will be crowned the Beaux Arts Queen during the night's coronation.
Juniors: Juniors volunteer at the Art Center and help with the kids classes, exhibitions, or special events. The night of the ball they seat guests and form a processional walkway by holding ropes to make an aisle for all the Queen candidates.
Sophomores and Freshman: Sophomores and Freshman volunteer at the Art Center and help with the kids classes, exhibitions, or special events. The night of the ball, they help take tickets, work coat check, and hand out programs. 
Escorts: Senior High School boys are escorts. The night of the ball, they will escort the Queens down the runway and stage. 
*Juniors, sophomores, and freshman will take shifts so that they are able to enjoy the ball too!
Beaux Arts Queen

One senior high school girl will be crowned Queen at the Beaux Arts Ball coronation. This award is presented to the senior who has raised the most funds overall through sales of tickets, tables, sponsorships, and donations. Queens must sell a minimum of 40 tickets to be eligible as a Queen Candidate. The queen will have her photograph inducted into the Gallery of Queens in the Art Center. The following year, the Queen will represent the Art Center at the Dogwood Parade, Art Center events, and will speak to the incoming queen candidates at the Beaux Arts Tea.

2016 Young Women of Achievement Award Winner

"My time volunteering at the Quincy Art Center has been nothing short of wonderful. I have loved getting to know all of the excellent staff there. They are such a joy to work with. I've also loved the vast amount opportunities I've had in the past 3 years. I've gotten the chance to work with so many kids and help them grow a love of art. I've been able to help start new projects such as a historical record of all the Art Center's events. It has been such a pleasure to spend my time at the Art Center. I can't wait to continue my volunteer work there and to continue to make positive changes in our arts community." -Anna Signe Mugerditchian

Young Women of Achievement Award


On January 23, 1923, a group of Quincy women created the Quincy Art Club.  Their goal was “to foster the aesthetic needs of Quincy and develop among her citizens an appreciation of Art in its broad and universal sense as applied to life.”  Today, the Quincy Art Center’s mission is to educate the public by promoting the growth and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions and programs. The Art Center is supported in part by membership fees, contributions, grants and proceeds from fundraising events, the most notable of which is the annual Beaux Arts Ball.


It seems most fitting that an organization founded by women is today funded, in part, by the efforts of young women volunteering their time to raise monies through participation in the Beaux Arts.  In an effort to recognize not only the fundraising abilities of the queen candidates, the Beaux Arts Ball Commission has decided to implement an award based upon volunteer efforts.  The Woman of Achievement Award will be presented during the Beaux Arts Ball Coronation and will be awarded to the young lady who has taken the additional initiative and has accumulated the most volunteer hours at the Quincy Art Center. in order for Queens to be eligible for this award, they must sell the minimum 40 tickets.


Time spent soliciting donations for the Quincy Art Center will not be included in the minimum time requirement.  This community service opportunity will be available to all women participating in the Beaux Arts Ball (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior girls).  Hours will accumulate beginning in the freshman year. Time sheets will be kept by the Quincy Art Center and tallied on the last business day before the Ball. This opportunity is not mandatory. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity that can help develop a young woman into a successful, valuable, and contributing member of society. Volunteer opportunities will be handed out at the Beaux Arts Tea (orientation) and listed on the Art Center website.

Participation is open to all young women entering 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades! 
To volunteer, please sign up online,  call Kayla at 223-5900, or email kobert@quincyartcenter.org.

Table Reservations

Due to the limited seating capacity and increased volume of patrons at the Beaux Arts Ball, the Quincy Art Center will offer reserved tables of eight at a cost of $100 per table. Reserved tables include a food tray. Open seating is available but tables must be reserved. Reserved tables do not include admission to the ball. Table reservations count towards Queen candidates overall fundraising totals. Please contact a Queen candidate to reserve a table!